Payment of Dues

Q: When do I pay my lot dues?

A: Assessments are paid annually and are used for maintenance of Lake Arrowhead and all other public improvements within Lakeland Estates. All assessments will become delinquent if not paid within 60 days. Delinquent assessments shall draw interest at a rate up to the highest rate allowable by law. A late fee of $10.00 per lot, per month, will be assessed against any lot subject to delinquent assessments until the assessments, interest, and late fees are paid in full.


Q: Are there rules regarding pets?

A: Yes. Only domestic animals are allowed. No livestock of any kind are permitted in Lakeland. If your pet likes to wander off, then for your pet and everyone's safety, please ensure that you have your pet on a leash or in a fenced in area. When walking your pet, it must be on a leash. This is for everyone's safety along with your pet's safety. Finally, please respect your neighbor's property and clean up after your pet.

Q: What about pet registration?

A: All animals within the property boundaries of Lakeland must be registered at the Lake Arrowhead Office by providing the owner address, animal name, breed, color, and copy of rabies vaccinations, tag, or vet papers. Owners are responsible for updates or changes of status. The owner is required to register the pet(s) when dues are paid in person or by mail.

Trash & Recycling

Q: Where can I set up my trash and recycling services

A: See Resources for common service providers for the neighborhood.

The Roads

Q: Is parking allowed along the roads?

A: No long-term parking is allowed along the roads. This is for the safety of everyone walking. The roads are wide enough for two vehicles to pass each other. During the winter months (October-April) parking is prohibited on streets. Cars parked in driveways must not extend to within 3 feet of the street. Violators will be subject to towing. Expenses incurred in the towing and storage of such vehicle must be paid by the registered owner.

Q: Can I park along the roads if I'm having a party?

A: Yes. You can have your guests park along the roads. This is not considered long-term parking. However, please ensure that the road is not being blocked and that you are respecting your neighbor's property.

Q: Who is in charge of snow removal?

A: Everyone is responsible to clean their own property, but part of everyone's Lakeland dues go toward hiring a private contractor to clear and sand the roads.

Q: When are Lakeland's entrance gates open?

A: Front Entrance

Monday-Friday: Gates are open during rush hours (6am-9am & 3pm-7pm).
Saturday: The gates are not left open.
Sunday: Gates are open from 12pm-4pm for Open Houses.
Seasonally: Gates are left open during wintery weather and slick road conditions.

Please use the gate keys purchased at the Club House to enter through the gates at all other times. If you have guests, contact the Lake Arrowhead Office to get the current weekly gate code which can be given to guests to use at the entrance.

East Gate

The East Gate on Trout Lane is closed manually. The gate is only open during snow removal, and is closed once the streets are cleared.

Q: How can I access the gate code when the Lake Arrowhead Office is closed?

A: Every boardmember is provided with the new gate code weekly. You can contact any boardmember for the updated gate code. Personal contact information for each boardmember is posted on the Lake Arrowhead Office door.

the gates

new construction

Q: Are there any regulations on new construction within Lakeland?

A: Yes. New construction is permitted, however there are regulations on the building materials that are used, the size of the structure, and the distance  of the structure from the street. Structures may be built on a single lot, but there are restrictions on the size. See the Lakeland Covenants for details.

Other Public Areas

Q: What other areas are open to Lakeland residents?

A: Areas open to all Lakeland residents include North Beach, South Beach, and Grasshopper Park. To obtain your Lakeland parking permit for these areas, please stop at the Lake Arrowhead Office. Located on North Beach is a dock available for Lakeland residents only. Both beaches include picnic shelters and outhouses. South Beach also includes a large grill and access to electrical outlets by contacting the Lake Arrowhead Office. Please help keep our access areas and lake free of litter and clean up after your pets.

the lake & the Dam

Q: Are there rules regarding Lake Arrowhead's dam?

A: Yes. No vehicles of any kind are allowed on or behind the dam except on the designated road. The only exception to this is official business (i.e. mowing, maintenance, repairs).

Q: Is fishing permitted on the lake?

A: Yes for Lake Arrowhead Residents ONLY!  Lake Arrowhead is stocked and maintained as a well-balanced fish habitat. Please DO NOT release any live bait into the lake. 

Q: Are there any restrictions on motorized watercraft on the lake?

A: Lake Arrowhead is considered a "no wake" lake. ELECTRIC MOTOR ONLY, no wake speed!!!!  Paddle boats, pedal boats, pontoons, and small fishing boats with an electric trolling motor only are permitted. 

the office & clubhouse

Q: What are the Office hours?

A: The Office hours are Monday - Friday  2pm - 6pm The office is staffed by the Executive Assistant for Lake Arrowhead, Kim Gatrost. Notary services are also available.

Q: Can the Clubhouse be rented?

A: Yes. Any shareholder in good standing can rent the Clubhouse for a small fee and security deposit. The security deposit is returned upon inspection to ensure that there are no damages. Good standing means all current and past dues are paid in full. Contact the Lake Arrowhead Office for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions