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* Recent Amendment made to ByLaws January 2013

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The Board of Directors meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm at Lake Arrowhead clubhouse

Lake Arrowhead Clubhouse

*The Board of Directors meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Shareholder meetings occur semi-annually on the second Monday in February and first Monday in August at 7pm. All shareholders are invited to attend any and all Board and Shareholder meetings. Each shareholder present during the semi-annual meetings is entitled to one vote for each share of stock (lot) held in the Lake Arrowhead, Inc.


Dan Kerkman 


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Kurt Samson

Hank Wessel

Chip Woodman

Kimberly Kurtz

About the Board

The seven Board of Director positions are volunteer elected positions, with term limits up to two years. Reelections occur during the August semi-annual shareholder meeting each year. Feel free to contact any member of the board with issues, or call the office 402-533-2511 with questions. Personal contact information for the board is posted on the door of the Lake Arrowhead Office, or you can send us a message.


Scott Spencer

"I am excited to be starting my second year on the Lakeland Board of Directors. I have lived here a little over a year now with my wife Coleen and our three children Megan (15), Zach (13), and Caitlin (10). Our daughter Amber and granddaughter Alana live in Omaha with Amber’s boyfriend, Anthony.

I have worked for Cooper Equipment Company for over 23 years now. We are a family owned company that build and service petroleum equipment, gas stations, bulk plants, etc. My wife is a nurse and is currently working in Missouri Valley.

I have had a great time on the Board this past year and feel that we got a lot accomplished. I welcome any thoughts or ideas anyone may have and look forward to serving for another year." . 

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